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Translation English to French Canadian


Proofreading / Editing French

Audit (QA Reviewer) French Website and Document


Whether you are a Canadian company wanting to do business locally, 

or a company located out of the country looking for a professional with mother tongue French, 

I can help your business grow and expand its business.

You can pay in Canadian or American dollars. 

I provide invoice, and I offer payment option through Paypal, Credit Card and ePayment (for Canadian clients).

Small and medium businesses: 

  • Increase your visibility on Internet and on social media platforms by having your Website and your posts translated in French.
  • Reach a higher volume of customers and prospects through the translation of your Email campaigns. 
  • Educate more people through the translation of your website, your blogs, your whitepapers and your eBooks.
  • Respectfully and professionally reach out and reply to your French speaking client without having to hire a French speaker full time.
  • Save money by having your marketing material translated when you need to, without having to hire a full time individual for a job that might only require a few hours a week.

Translation agencies:

I offer you a reliable, honest and trustworthy relationship, fast response and effective communications, professional work and invoicing, flexible deadlines and payment terms. 

Service details:

Translation: to communicate the meaning of your English message into its equivalent in French Canadian. The cost of a translation project is usually calculated per word from the source text. 

Transcreation: to adapt more creatively an English message into French Canadian, while maintaining intent, style, tone and context. 

Proofreading, editing: simple detection and correction of errors in a translated or original French text, to the more intensive editing of a translated or original French text. The cost varies depending of the intensiveness of the work involved. A text edition can cost as much as a translation job, when more intensive writing work is necessary.

Audit (QA Reviewing): systematic and independent examination of translated or original French Website or digital document. An audit will look for any French language errors (grammar, syntax, punctuation), inconsistencies, length issues, not translated segments, broken images, missing translation, etc. The cost of an audit is calculated per hour. A report on spreadsheet is provided to the client, who can evaluate the suggestions and recommendations proposed and make the appropriate corrections, if need be.

Here are some ideas of projects you might want to see translated in French Canadian: 

Advertisement, annual report, article, billboard, biography, blog, brochure, bulletins, flyer, pamphlet, catalog, price list, correspondence, eBook, whitepaper, emails (campaign, template, received and replies, etc.), marketing mailing, marketing material, newsletter, non fictional books, operating procedure manual, postcard, presentation, press release, product description, proposal, product packaging, report, sales letters, social media posts, software interface, training manual, video game and website content, between others.